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BUDDYCHAT is a simple but effective Bluetooth “Hands Free” Communication device designed to eliminate the need for shouting between those engaged in sporting activities. Ideal for Cycling, Climbing, Skiing, Horse Riding, or any other activity where you need to communicate which one and other. BUDDYCHAT is adaptable to any helmet using the supplied SPORT Clamping System allowing both left or right hand mounting. It’s ergonomic and elegant design means it won’t look out of place on your helmet. The simple mounting system allows you to transfer the BUDDYCHAT between different helmets depending on your chosen activity. The VOX duplex feature allows you “Hands Free” two-way conversation between devices. The noise cancelling technology and automatic volume control means crystal clear sound, regardless of speed and background noise.
BUDDYCHAT has a maximum range of up to 1km in open space and offers up to 15-hour talk-time on a 2-hr charge (1000-hr standby mode). When paired with your Smartphone you can make and receive calls with the voice activation mode and play your music.