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After Sales Service


In order to establish warranty claim there are several key steps to follow :


Step 1

Ensure that your request for a warranty claim is justified and that it fits into the framework of the conditions of the warranty claim (See table of the “Conditions of warranty support” below). Input errors of reference and/or delivery errors are not the subject of a warranty claim.

Step 2

Fill out all the fields on the form below, or send a request to our after sales service via email to To make a request for warranty your case must contain the following elements (any incomplete demands will be rejected): Photo of the serial no° (if there is one on the surfboards) + Photos recto and verso of the product + Photos of the defects encountered + Detailed explanation of the problem encountered + Reference of the product + Invoice and/or the cash receipt.The invoice or the receipt must be always be attached to the case because these documents are essential for the triggering of the warranty claim.

Step 3

On receipt of the completed claim for warranty request an analysis is established by our after sales service and/or by our suppliers in order to define the possibilities to grant any guarantee.

Step 4

  • Warranty Agreement total :

    The after sales service grants the return of goods. It shall inform the client services department who then will be able to communicate a returns number to the customer. Returns done directly to the shop or to our depot without a returns number and without any prior agreement from the after sales service will be systematically refused. The various extra costs for the the return will be at our charge when the return is confirmed and agreed. In some cases, at the request of the supplier, the product will be destroyed (photos needed as support) . If the faulty product is in stock and available: an exchange of the product is arranged. If the product is not in stock and not available: a different product can be proposed for exchange (to the equal value or if a different price a price readjustment applied). The product is not in stock nor available: a credit note is established on the customers account.

  • Partial guarantee agreement :

    A returns number is communicated to the customer which allows the customer to return the goods. A discount is applied.

  • The warranty is not accepted :

    If at our request merchandise has been returned to us, it will be available to the client for a period of three weeks. After this time it will be destroyed for reasons of space.


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We remind our clients that goods must imperatively be controlled upon delivery and that problems be
noted with the carrier. If any damaged boxes are found, the receiver must report this with the carrier at the time of
delivery and it must be constated on the various paper work with the transporter.

Without making a claim at the time of delivery, we have no way to be reimbursed by the carrier.
Thus, any request concerning snowboards arriving broken, bodyboards, skimboards, arrived damaged,
broken, boxes open etc … which are not signaled with the carrier at the time of delivery will be systematically rejected.

The claim must stipulate that the merchandise is, broken, compressed, damaged etc …
The mention “damaged parcels” will not be sufficient! It must be noted that the product arrived damaged.


*RN :Requirements Needed

Guarantees are for a period of 1 year (this applies to all products) starting from the date of sale to the client.
Products modified or repaired
Natural wear of the products
Extra parts added to the product which are not suitable, added or non-recommended mounted on the product
State of the goods not controlled at the time of delivery, no claim made to the carrier
Intensive use on Entry Level Products
Surface delamination and detachment of rails (PE/PP)
Bubbles and porosity of the foam
Folds on the deck and the slick,
Infiltration of water following an inappropriate drilling
Misuse, improper storage, exposure to sunlight
Delamination epoxy / wood
Misuse, inappropriate storage
Delamination of the deck without apparent shock
Deck spin
Apparent shock, improper use, broken
Non use of pads for trucks
Delamination of the deck and rails without apparent shock
Construction faults
Product misuse
Misuse, inappropriate storage
Broken surfboard
Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship
Use in commercial, rental, teaching or instructional programs or activities
Damage caused by extended or excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling or storage
Normal wear and tear, including scratches and fading
Intensive use on Entry Level Products
Manufacturing flaw
Size problems,faulty stitching
Abnormal wear
Misuse, inappropriate storage
Washing instructions not respected


All fields are mandatory

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    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf.
    Photo of the product where the fault was constated (any irrelevant photos will not be accepted, Thank You )
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf, xls.
    Thank you to scan the receipt of the product /and or the corresponding invoice